Construction Administration

Vast Field Experience. Our team of construction administrators (CAs) boasts an average of 30 years of field experience, providing you with sound counsel on construction issues as they arise. With their hands-on knowledge, rest assured that your interests are being protected while your vision is becoming reality.

Smooth Transition. Our construction administrators become familiar with your project during its design through collaboration with the project team.

Looking Out for You. Our CAs represent and protect your interests in the field. As your liaison with the general contractor, we conduct an in-depth review of contractor pay requests and construction change orders to maximize your project value.

Using Technology for Faster Turn-Around. We understand the critical nature of timely decisions during construction. ADCI uses an advanced information exchange system to efficiently manage the myriad of submittals, requests for information, revisions and field reports associated with your project. This technology allows the entire team real-time access to project documents, fostering increased communication and faster turn-around of project information between team members.

Construction Administration Services
  • Construction Observation and Reporting
  • On-Site Evaluations for Quality Assurance
  • Project Progress Reports
  • Review and Verify Contractor's Pay Application
  • Provide Punch List Reviews at Project Completion
  • Facilitate Project Completion, Code Compliance with Local Authorities